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I came across this guy at a local gun show. I am sure there are many more like him around the country.  He can use your case or provide one.  He can use your measurements or you can send him the item and he will custom fit it.  This could be another alternative.


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    Since this topic of cutting foam inserts for all kinds cases,  to house any of AP’s mounts (past and present models), comes up so often, I wonder if George or Howard could take on a customer project, to make accurate “cutting forms” for us.
    Howard did such an excellent job on his mount dimensions page, for many years now, I would assume it wouldn’t be difficult to provide a Silhouette cut-out pattern, from their CAD drawings, which we could then print for cutting our own foam blocks, to any size case – even if printed on two, or more, profile sheets, then  taped for production. Or, a single smaller sheet pattern, and each user would then enter a “scale factor” into their Print Option box, for a several sheet printout. We don’t need a large commercial printer for that – although that could also be done at a Print Shop with such CAD large, single sheet printers, if desired.
    It might be a bit tricky to account for the position of the rotated base angle, which depends on a user’s Latitude, but even that could be printed in two parts, swivelled and taped/stapled to the RA axle head paper section accordingly, prior to the case foam block’s surgery.
    The print pattern document should be scaled,  dimensioned, and a 12-inch and 30 cm. metric ruler printed beside it, just to be sure our printer’s output remains true to the same mount scale. That would save many of us hacking out terribly shaped foam blocks.
    I think this would be a very helpful, and useful project. Yet another example of Astro-Physics renowned attention to its loyal customers.
Joe Z.

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