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Phillip H Coker <pcoker36@...>

My other pastime is amateur radio and I have three switching power supply units for my radio equipment but one of them has now become surplus. I was concerned that a switching supply might not be up to the surge demands when the 1100 is slewing. But since you and Roland have good results with switching power supplies, it appears that this will not be a problem. Thanks for the response.


Phillip Coker
Florence, Colorado

On Apr 15, 2020, at 15:59, Mike Dodd <> wrote:

On 4/15/2020 5:18 PM, Phillip H Coker wrote:
Would a 13.8v 23a switching power supply be suitable for my
AP1100/CP4? I operate only portable on a 100 a/h LIFePo battery but
would like to have an AC backup power supply.
Why not buy a Mean Well 15V 7A switching power supply from eBay. I use one for my AP1200, and Roland said he's used them with good results.

Mine is shown in this photo <> with the plastic cover I made for it.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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