Re: No Light on CP4

Roland Christen

You will need to test the voltage coming out of your power supply. We sell a nifty device that shows you voltage and current going into your mount and can be placed in line with your power supply.

You should also check your power supply fuse to see if it is open. Some power supplies also shut down internally if they are overloaded and automatically reset after a period of time.


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I’ve emailed George about my issue this morning but thought that if this is a simple fix perhaps I could save him some time. Last night, I got the dreaded “No Response from Mount” when I opened APCC. After checking com ports, replacing a cable and otherwise making sure everything was connected and in order, I noticed that there was no red or amber light on the CP4 after I turned on the power supply, something I’d never paid attention to previously.  The mount is an AP1100 AE-L. I’m not too adept at electrical lingo so I’m probably betraying my ignorance. The power supply and cable appear to be in working order. Anyone have any thoughts on what user error likely caused this.

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