Re: ethernet connection troubles

Chiri� R�my

Ben, Roland,

how do you "see" that the computer’s IP address is the same as that of GTOCP4?

Do you confirm that the “GTOCP4 Ethernet - Wifi Poll” link allows us to indicate and / or modify the address of the GTOCP4, page “GTOCP4 Wired Ethernet Properties” (as this screen shot), 

and page “Wifi Interface Available on this GTOCP4” to enable / disable the Wifi connection and to connect / disconnect it  (as this 2nd screen shot)  ?

Would you tell me how to choose a manual IPv4 address with “GTOCP4 Ethernet - Wifi Poll” link, please.

Thank you very much for your help.


Le 12 avr. 2020 à 03:16, Ben Lutch <procyon@...> a écrit :

<Non reco IP.JPG>

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