Re: APCC equivalent of hand controller "re-calibrate"?

Richard Spencer


Thank you; I had a look and that box in fact is checked, so it must be the default, since I haven't messed with it.  

What that seems to mean, however, is that I also have not synched since the time my rig was used as a portable "wheel out of the garage"  set up, all the way through its new incarnation as a permanent set-up in my observatory.

So last night, I unchecked the box, did a counterweight down synch, re-checked the box, and proceeded as usual.  I am hoping for improved pointing accuracy now that I've synched for the first time in a very long time, but don't know yet whether that will be the case.


On Friday, April 10, 2020, 04:38:45 PM EDT, Geof Lewis <geoflewis@...> wrote:

Hi Rick,
In the V2 driver there is a check box option to ‘Use RCAL for Syncs’, so just have that box ticked.
Cheers, Geof

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Subject: [ap-gto] APCC equivalent of hand controller "re-calibrate"?
Dear All,

I am doing counterweight up imaging to extend tracking time; in the hand controller manual, we are told never to "synch" with CW up, but rather to "re-calibrate" to improve pointing accuracy.

But I'm not using the hand controller; I'm imaging with my computer set-up, with APCC running along with all the other necessary software for acquisition, guiding, ....

Is there an equivalent to "re-calibrate" in APCC (or elsewhere)?  I am trying to improve go-to accuracy in the CW up position.  

Currently, I'm "synching" on some bright star CW down, and slewing to my object with a meridian delay so I achieve CW up, but with marginal accuracy (at best; I have to plate solve to figure out where I am, and this can fail if I'm too far away from the "supposed" RA and Dec coordinates).

Many thanks,

Rick Spencer
Elkton, MD
AP 1100 mount

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