Re: Autoguiding with a Sky Model in Place?

Ray Gralak


Have you tried turning down aggressiveness? You may be chasing the seeing.

Also, have you tried back to back switching between model on versus model off? It could be seeing was worse at that time?

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Subject: [ap-gto] Autoguiding with a Sky Model in Place?

I recently completed my first APPM model with my Mach2. It really appears to help my pointing and guiding, with
round stars on 5-minute unguided subs. However when I tried to introduce guiding with PHD2 or MaximDL, using
the same settings as before, my RMS jumps to 1ā€ or more where I was getting under 0.6ā€ without the model. Iā€™m
using an OAG with Ultrastar on a 130GTX and f/6.7 field flattener. Any suggestions? Maybe just go without
guiding? I like to use for minor corrections and dithering.


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