Re: Lowel Observatory with a new outdoor public observatory

Roland Christen

The three mounts are 1600 mounts.
What is the aperture of the Moonraker?


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I got the chance to visit Lowell last June just before the Grand Canyon Star party, and Sarah Burcher, Lowell's outreach coordinator, gave me a tour of GODO.  At the time the roll off building was waiting for its skin, the five piers had been poured for the two refractors, the SCT and two RCs.  They were still waiting for the delivery of the large DOB from StarStructure.  And the observing plaza still had not been poured.  The facility was ready to go in early October, and I was going to visit with Sarah this June after the 2020 GCSP to see the scopes in operation.  I was so looking forward to observing through the Moonraker refractor mounted on the AP mount.  Alas, it looks like that will not occur due to the covid pandemic.  Which AP mounts were utilized for the TEC refractor, Moonraker refractor and Meade SCT?

Jack Huerkamp

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