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Dale Ghent

A unique COM port is assigned by Windows automatically. You pin devices to particular COM ports if you want their device ID to stay on it and not move around. One does not need to manually allocate them under normal circumstances.

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I've had this problem and went into the devices software and assigned it a higher comm port that was not in use. Then in windows go to device manager and advance options on that comm port and assign it to the matching port you used in the device software. It's been a long time but I think that's how I fixed it.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.


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Recently, I purchased Astromi's MBoxV2. The device displays temp, pressure, humidity, dew point, latitude and longtitude. My equipment is AP Mach1 GTO4 mount running on APCCPro.
My problem is the new device is using the same com Port(3) that I use for my Optec FocusLynx so I cannot use both devices at the same time. ComPort(4) is used by the QSI532ws camera.
I am running Windows10 on a laptop that has 3 usb connections.
I would appreciate hearing if anyone has tackled a similar problem.

Thank you and wishing you clear skies!!


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