Re: GTO CP3 Problem

Don Anderson

Glad to hear you have got your mount working for you again. Clear Skies!

Don Anderson

On Saturday, April 4, 2020, 03:59:12 p.m. MDT, pepineus <tromouse@...> wrote:

Hi there,

After considering all the options I was offered, I concluded I could not justify the cost of sending my CP3 unit to AP to have the upper serial port repaired and have to deal with customs, etc, or purchasing a brand new CP4. Instead I found a good working condition CP2. My workflow is actually very simple, and when in the future I may require a much more sofisticaded mount, I will seriously consider a new one with all the bells & whistles.

I am happy with how the mount performs with the CP2.

I wanted to close this thread I left while trying to solve my problem, but in the spirit of trying to help, I found this: lots of "Communications Errors" between the control unit and the driver. This led me to substitute all hardware (cable, serial plugs, I even had the Keyspain serial/UBS reinstalled). My PC runs on W10 and is up to date. The driver I was using was Ray's last one. The "Communication Errors" did disappear when installing back the 5.09.01 driver (not that I tested all of them in between that one and the last one). But this is how I sar the "Communication Errors" disspear.

Thanks everyone for the assistance, my problem solved in an unexpected way, but I am happy I can enjoy the mount again.

Josep M. Aymami
Tiana (Barcelona, Spain)

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