Re: 92mm Stowaway serial 92665-3-320 received

Harley Davidson


No, she really doesn't need it. If she did I would make one. She actually picks herself up. Very strange to see. Here is a video of how well she gets along:

I had X-rays taken and the vet said it was an old injury that wasn't taken care of, lower spine damage. This is her "normal" now. She isn't in any pain.

Nice night tonight, looking at the moon and of course Venus in the Pleiades.


On 4/3/2020 5:32 PM, thefamily90 Phillips wrote:
Do you have one of those carts for dogs who cannot holdup their back because of injured or nonfunctional legs? I purchased one for one of my dogs, Isabell, but by the time it arrived Isabell was starting to walk on her own again and we never used it. But I saw videos of dogs just getting around like crazy using those back wheels.

Stay safe


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I am always amazed how animals can adapt to issues. Humans would need months of physical therapy but dogs learn on the fly.


On 4/1/2020 10:04 PM, Karen Christen wrote:

I’m so glad you like your Stowaway.  My friend has a Chihuahua just like Moose but she’s chocolate brown.  They even move alike – they could be twins. 




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Don't let the dog lick it until it gets really dirty.





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It's not an April Fools Day joke. Got my 92mm Stowaway scope today. Serial number 92665-3-320. I also did an unboxing video:

Karen Christen

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