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Do you have one of those carts for dogs who cannot holdup their back because of injured or nonfunctional legs? I purchased one for one of my dogs, Isabell, but by the time it arrived Isabell was starting to walk on her own again and we never used it. But I saw videos of dogs just getting around like crazy using those back wheels.

Stay safe


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I am always amazed how animals can adapt to issues. Humans would need months of physical therapy but dogs learn on the fly.


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I’m so glad you like your Stowaway.  My friend has a Chihuahua just like Moose but she’s chocolate brown.  They even move alike – they could be twins. 




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Don't let the dog lick it until it gets really dirty.





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It's not an April Fools Day joke. Got my 92mm Stowaway scope today. Serial number 92665-3-320. I also did an unboxing video:

Karen Christen

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