Re: Mach1 Unable to Find Home Position Suddenly

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Mikko, I've tried to follow this thread. In your description just posted, you did not mention SENDING the mount to Park 3 with the clutches loose. You do that first and just hold the scope with your hand while the motors run. When the mount stops, it "thinks" it is at Park 3. THEN you move it manually to Park 3 THEN tighten the clutches. 

Next you send it to Park 4. It should go there and be close. Now you loosen the clutches a second time and using a levelling device of some kind, ensure that the CW shaft and the scope are level. Then re-tighten the clutches. At this point you should be very close. Send the scope to a bright star, centre it and then hit RCAL.

On Fri, 3 Apr 2020 at 08:42, Mikko Viljamaa <mikko.viljamaa@...> wrote:
Rolando I don't have SkyX, nor do I have APCC or any planetary programs. As said, SG Pro does everything for me and if you think I can do the same with the SGP, I can try that.

But what you describe below is kind of what I have been doing, I have tried to realign the mount by loosen the clutches and manually rotating the Ra axes so the small alignment lines match. Both with the power on (mount connected) and without power. Based on my experience this makes things worse. The only way I can get the mount to return to the correct (park3) position is to manually turn the Ra axes with the clutches intact so the small lines match. And by doing this a few times.

This is what I had to do again yesterday evening, several times before the mount finally returned correctly to park3. After that I knew that I have a fighting change to get the sequence started. It all took about 30 min and the first slews were horribly off as the scope was already past the flip so I knew the solve would not work. The two photos attached show the incorrect and correct slews, telling how badly the mount is off (the one on the left obviously being the correct slew).





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