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I can email the manual to you privately, but, as Terri indicated, it is not the final manual.  Since you did not order the mount directly from us, please send me a private email: marj at astro-physics dot com.  Please indicate the name of your dealer in your email.


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Hi AP Team

I contend that finally your President, DT, who in his large vocabulary, does not seem to know the meaning of the words "finesse" and "savoir-vivre", apparently understood that it was not by brutally prohibiting French aircraft, Germans, ... (but not British !!!) to land on American soil, that it would prevent these fellow citizens from being confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic.We are all in the same boat called Earth and the COVID-19 reminds us of it with great force.
That said my point was on a more specific AP topic.

In September I paid several thousand euros to reserve a Mach2 and despite a forecast early delivery in December and I understand very well that for a new product of this technology it could take more time and I thank you for the efforts that you are doing to meet your commitments in this delicate period. But I therefore ordered the mount and the manual that goes with it and there I don't understand anymore. As the manufacture and shipment of mount are more problematic today in a period of confinement, the writing of the manual and its distribution to those who expect their frame should not be hampered and it is even surprising more one month after sending the first Mount.Can you at least on this subject and this is not the first time I ask, do something?
Thank you in advance.

Stay safe and healthy! 



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