Re: Mach1 Unable to Find Home Position Suddenly

Mikko Viljamaa

So just in case I have not been clear before. The system we are talking about is;

  • Mach1 permanently on a tripod. No hand controller or APCC
  • Scope is a TEC140 and the camera is a QSI6120 (FL is about 1m so nothing major)
I checked the Polar Alignment yesterday evening, still spot on. And to add insult to this injury, the sequence had stopped last night at 3 am when the next target was not plate solved. I'm currently looking the SGP log to better understand what exactly happened. Further, this is how I found the mount this morning when it's supposed to return itself to the park3 position. So clearly something has shifted again during the wee hours of the night.

Correction, this seems not to be a plate solve issue after all. I'm still looking into this though...


- Mikko

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