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Dale Ghent

Yes, specifically, the 1Gb ethernet specification (IEEE 802.3ab, ratified 22 years ago) included auto-MDX as a standard part of it. Crossover ethernet cables are required 100 or 10Mb twisted pair ethernet, which lack such aspects to their respective specifications and why on those older switches or hubs you will find switches to change what a certain port is.

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I also had a problem with my laptop not connecting and it appears to be a Windows10 issue.

Here is the reply from our software engineer:

"Most modern Ethernet PHY devices have auto-cross-over detect. This designs out the need for cross-over cable, and makes either cable type work for any type of connection. The CPx used the DP83848VV Ethernet PHY which has “auto MDIX”, which means auto-cross-over detect. So, no cross-over cable is needed, nor will it do any harm.

Even if the CPx did NOT have auto-crossover, most PC’s have this. So, again, no need for cross-over.

There is a difference between a physical connection and a logical connection. If the LED’s on the RJ-45 do not light up, there is no physical connection (called “link” in Ethernet jargon), so a logical connection is not possible. If the LED’s light up, but the unit cannot be “found”, there is no logical connection. The causes and remedies are different."

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I am have trouble connect to the CP4 with WIFI. I searched the group and found this topic had been address back in 2017. The links listed do not work any more. I searched the Astro Physics web page and did not find any help. I sent AP an email but no response at this time. I have not tried the ethernet connection as of yet. I have connected via the USB port and been able to control the mount no problem.

I did access the CP4 once via the WIFI and got the on board web page to come up. I tried to follow the instruction in the CP4 manual but the WIFI connection disappeared. Have not been able to see it again as being available. The above mention topic in 2017 described the problem the same way.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I am trying to find my Ethernet switch to try that connection. I do not have a ethernet cross over cable so can not make a direct connection between the laptop and the CP4

Thanks for any help that might come from this.


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