Re: Mach1GTO case recommendations?

Woody Schlom



Note that if you put too much in one case, you might not be able to lift it into a vehicle!  I have my Mach1 split between two Pelican cases – and I can now barely lift the larger one.  And that’s without CW’s.  I keep the CW’s in their own case.  So I actually have three cases for my Mach1.


My big Pelican case has wheels and a handle.  Rolling it on a smooth firm surface is fine.  But it doesn’t roll on dirt or grass or gravel.  And it doesn’t like to roll on thick carpet.  And when it comes to lifting into my truck – ugh!  Strained back time.


That said, there’s a club member who has an AP-1100 he keeps in three hard airline cases – and somehow he schlepps them to public outreach events.




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Bruce, Larry, David—thanks very much for the suggestions.


I’ve also located a similar discussion in the archives 

pelican cases for mach1GOT - size and foan? 


pelican cases for mach1GOT - size and foan?


and am evaluating my options (paradox of choice!)


Thanks again,


On Saturday, March 28, 2020, 11:07, Larry Phillips <llp41astro@...> wrote:

Derek, I have a Pelican model 1620 that my Mach1 fits in nicely.  While I do not put the counterweights in it, they may fit.


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