Mach1GTO case recommendations?

Derek K.

Dear AP mount owners,

I have a Mach1 from the final production run and it’s been a pleasure to use in my backyard.
When transporting it in my sedan I’ve resorted to the original AP shipment box&foam plus towels to cushion the package. This worked ok (even on the long and winding road to a Lick observatory outreach event) but I’d like your thoughts on better options.

Ideally the case would also accommodate 14 and 9 point counterweights (one each), cables, GTOCP4, CBAPT, standard counterweight shaft and be resilient yet lightweight enough that I could use it for airline transport someday. Willing to consider other options if there isn’t a good compromise.
I saw an advert for a “Doro” waterproof case with foam shaped to fit the contours of the mount. Seemed nice but I was too late to snag it.

Regards and hope all are doing well in these troubled times,

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