eDrawing for Mach2? Shorter CW shaft option?


Hi.  First post here.  I have been patiently awaiting my first A-P mount, the Mach2 GTO, which I order last year.  I understand that I'm in Tolga's first batch of ten.  I suppose that with the IL stay at home order, it could be a while longer before my mount ships.  I am hoping to build a small permanent ROR housing for the mount and imaging gear.  By small I mean imaging only, no getting inside with the scope.  That would be a Tak e-130D hyperbolic astrograph for now.  I'm planning a short pier, and was wondering how short that could be.  My latitude is 18.3 N, so a pretty shallow RA angle.  The scope is quite short, and I am wondering what the sky coverage would be without meridian flips. To start to size the pier and ROR, it would be really helpful if a dumbed-down solid model could be shared, ideally in SolidWorks eDrawing format, with the ability to rotate in RA and Dec.  Three separate STEP files that I could mate to allow rotation in RA and Dec would also work.  I could then add a simple cylinder to represent my scope, and see how it all plays, and begin sizing the ROR.  Is that possible?  Also, it could be that the counterweight shaft length will set the minimum pier height.  Are shorter ones available?

I also have a faint memory that you have some simple mount modeling GUI that would let me see what space is required.  That would be even simpler.  Does this exist?  Thanks.

All the best,


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