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Joe Zeglinski

    Lubricants do have a “Best Before” date,  stamped right on their containers, especially the AeroShell (recommended by AP), which has to be reliable for aircraft use – thus the prefix. I assume the AP “grease blend” might be a repackaging, for the very tiny amounts we would normally need.
    AeroShell-33 (?) is rated for 4 years by the Transport authority. After that the lubricating oil has separated too much from the heavier grease base, making it too thick for safely operating landing gears. This would also be true for its ... untouched, unused, climate controlled “Shelf Life”, and would require disposal, by orders of the TSB.
    Read that somewhere on the SHELL OIL website, or might have been explained to me at the counter,  by the Airline Service Supplies company where I bought my CDN $20 calking tube size of it. I asked why the sales clerk insisted on marking my grease tube with the BATCH DATE  from the large carton they bought for aircraft supply. Safe, ecological Disposal,  can be a bear and certainly a hassle if I were to follow the Transportation Safety Board regulations, since I only used maybe a teaspoon from all that quantity of grease in that container.
Joe Z.

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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Lubrication interval
Lubrication intervals are dependant on usage and the environment the mount operates in. Even if the mount is little used and is stored inside, the grease still dries out. I just re greased my lightly used 2009 AP 900 GOTO last year. In hind sight, should have done it years before. Grease and your labour are cheap. Repairs are not!

On Mar 23, 2020, at 8:51 PM, Eric Dreher <ericpdreher@...> wrote:

My Mach1GTO will be three years old in a few months, and has never been lubricated.  Then again, it hasn't been used much in the bad weather we've been experiencing for months.

That said, what is the recommended lubrication interval?  The mount has been stored indoors in a temperature range of 65 to 80 degrees.

Does A-P have a recommended lube kit and where might I find the instructions on how to do this properly?

Thanks for any and all answers.


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