Re: Help! I just crashed my new 1100 into my step ladder!

Don Anderson

Take off the nylon gear and and the aluminum gear underneath. Have a look at the small gear underneath the big aluminum gear. Could be that small gear is detached from the larger aluminum one. Might be a set screw is loose. In any case have a look to see what's going on.

Don Anderson

On Monday, March 23, 2020, 07:50:07 p.m. MDT, Tyrel Smith <tysmith747@...> wrote:

Mistakes were made.

Short version, I had a small 3-step kitchen ladder near my scope that I had been up and down a hundred times working on collimation. Tonight I went to fire off a pointing model and forgot about the ladder. The very end of my camera fan housing clipped the top of the ladder and I got a motor stall. I removed the ladder, power cycled, and tried to send it to park 3. Only the dec axis moves, and RA axis made strange sound but didn't budge. I removed to gear box side cover and the motor shaft and middle spur gear are turning when slewing and tracking. But the worm spur gear (the furthest to the left and most inward gear when looking at the gear box) is not being engaged. It seems there is a tiny gear behind and on the shaft of the middle gear that is not engaging the larger worm gear. It is barely making contact as I can hear the gears touching each other as they turn. 

Did I just trash something, or can this be readjusted? Dropbox link to short video.

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