Re: Mach1 Unable to Find Home Position Suddenly

Ron Kramer

I balance and free clutch often. To get it back - I tell it to PARK 3.   I wait until it's done - then I align the 2 marks and good to go.  A plate solve then nails it. 

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Hi Mikko,
Frankly, nothing simpler on a Mach1 I still have the CP3 and I also had a CP4 with a station made with the keypad. Since I am near the meridian of Geenwich I chose to operate in UT (PC and Keypad) with the correct GPS coordinates from where I am. Either the frame is already parked and it stands out (I chose this option) upon ignition with a polar alignment possibly done with the RAPAS or with the routine polaris +1 star on the keypad if I was not in fixed pose. As I had concerns with the local time at the beginning, the best for me was to operate in UT keypad and PC.In the event of non-prior parking, this seems simple nevertheless. Once the mount is on and oriented to the north compass, we put it in park3 for example, we position the mount (Disengaging the brakes) to be in the park3 position and we apply the brakes. Then we do a goto on an easily identifiable star, we synchronize on the keypad and then we redo a park3 to see where the mount is parked. We turn off then on. unpark is automatic (If provided) and then just choose an object and do goto ... we are on it or we are not far ...If on the keypad the GPS coordinates and the Dates / times are OK this can only work ...
Thank you to Roland and his team A.P. for offering us frames that manage so simply.


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