Re: How to Raise AP1600 Height

Joe Zeglinski

    I must admit that I have a bit of trepidation that the two pillars might become unsynchronized – one passing by the other pillar height position. Image if it was more than an inch of height difference, causing a dangerous tilt of the mount and scope, in an uncontrolled “lifter runaway” on one side's motor. I would attached a cam’’d micro switch to each one, touching the opposite surface,, each with a (very short)  “Boss Bump” for the switch levers to ride on and  open or close the circuit. If one switch lever slips too far past the other (inner facing) side, it immediately kills the lift power to both, until reset by the user. This emergency override would be in addition to any logic in the TWO lifters controller.
    That would be a very inexpensive and simple safety override precaution. But, I would feel more confident with a powerful, single lift pillar, in such case.
Joe Z.

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