Re: How to Raise AP1600 Height

Jack Huerkamp


I just checked Ebay and there were several Linak lifting columns and accessories available.  The key is getting a system with hand controller, control box, cables and lifting column.  Also with dual column systems, they have to be synchronized so they work together,  You can do that by running the columns to their lowest position, releasing the down button, and then holding down the down button for a few seconds.  The columns will move downward slightly (about 1/16") and return.  This is how I was told to synchronize them so that they work together.  When the person I sold my original 1000 Newton system to received them, he noted that when fully extended one column was slightly taller than the other.  After running the above sequence twice, the columns had reset and worked perfectly as a pair.

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp 

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