Re: Mach1 Unable to Find Home Position Suddenly

Mikko Viljamaa

Thanks Ray & Rolando,

So as long as I have had the Mount, about two years now I have never used park from the last position - this without any issue. I did go out and tried both; unpark from 3 and park back to 3 results the Dec axes to miss its mark about an inch. I then manually swung the Dec to match the mark and chose to unpark from the last position. Did a slew and sure thing, the mount returned to park 3 nicely. I then did the same exercise a dozen times and the worst Dec miss was maybe a quarter of an inch - which I have seen before and I'm not worried about. I might have a narrow window tonight to see how things go in real life and if the mount points where expected and Platesolve finds the target immediately, 

The LST / RA difference is off about 2 minutes, is this an issue?

- Mikko

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