Re: How to Raise AP1600 Height

Jack Huerkamp


Those are Linak DL270CA00500655 lifting columns.  I purchased two of them along with the control box, power cord, handset and motor cables directly from Linak back in September of 2019.  When I purchased my original 1000 Newton column system, I was the Chief of Engineering for a public utility in New Orleans and we had a complete machine shop, welding shop and electrical fabrication shop and utilized these skilled trades to keep our 100 plus year old drainage and puming systems operational.  Because of my connection to a manufacturing company, Linak agreed to sell the original system to me.  And when I desired to upgrade the system to one with more thrust, Linak agreed to do so under my existing account.

Linak makes these columns with three different thrust levels - 1000 Newton (225#), 1500 Newton (337.5#) and 2500 Newton (562.5#).  If I had known how much load I would ultimately place on the lifting columns, I would have purchased the 2500 Newton units.  The difference in cost was minimal.

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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