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You want the Android APP called “PolarFinder.”  There are several APP’s with almost the same name.  You want the one with an icon with a blue background and the Little Dipper in yellow stars.  On the Google Play Store it says it’s by “TechHead.”  It’s written by a guy named Jozef Lazar.  It’s not a free program, but it’s cheap.  And it’s terrific.


Not only does it have a reticule setting for the A-P RAPAS polar scope, but also Tak EM-10, EM-11, EM-400, and a couple of iOptron polar scopes.


Make sure you go into the Tools section (Wrench icon) and set the APP for the RAPAS.  Once done, the screen looks just like the RAPAS reticule.  Just use your mount’s Alt. and Az. adjusting bolts to put the real Polaris in the RAPAS reticule where the APP shows it on the screen.


Once you get the hang of it, it should only take a few seconds. 


I highly recommend it.  It’s what I’ve used on my Tak EM-11, Mach1 with RAPAS, and iOptron iEQ45-PRO for years.






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From time to time I see someone mention the RAPAS phone app. I have looked in the app store and have never found it. Is it only in the Apple store? I'm looking for the Android version of it exists. Any help would be appreciated. 









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