Re: APPM Model Creation Problem

Ray Gralak


I don't know for sure if the custom limits will work perfectly for your scope's view of the sky. You can always create a custom list of points if you needed, but you should try to create an automated list first. You can then export the points and manually remove the problematic ones.

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Ray, think I figured out I’ve been doing the meridians wrong! I think I need to run the west limits except I move the
scope East to the point it’s not going under the eaves. So the west limits show up on the east side. Right? Then
use the East limits for the more typical counterweights up run camera into the pier situation. Anyway I’m starting
the mapping anew.

I’m also Remapping the altitude limits so that will be used to stop tracking when the camera starts to track under
the eaves.

does this sound like it will work?


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