Re: Power Problem

Chris Spratt

I use the 17amp Kendrick battery (standalone). I feel it is a bit small and to
ensure reliability I have to charge it before and after every observing session.

Chris. Spratt

"Jeffrey D. Gortatowsky" wrote:

All these power problems... you'd figure Roland, Marge, and Chuck would have
long since run into all this and solved the sensitivity if it's truely very

This 'sounds' like a problem that would drive people nuts. Are most of you
experiencing power problems? A quick survey. How do most of you power your
mounts? Just a one liner is informative enough.

This and polar alignment seem to be real bug-a-boos with GTO mounts. At
least on this group! <g> Or is it just a case of a vocal/wired few?

Jeff "New 400 GTO owner" G

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