Re: Mach1 Unable to Find Home Position Suddenly

Roland Christen

It always comes down to an improper time issue.

1) send the mount to a known star or object, center it and do a recal on it.
2) send the mount to Park3, let it go wherever it goes.
3) check your time, daylight savings, time zone, date and location. One of them will be wrong.
4) If the Park3 is off by 15 degrees, the time is off by 1 hour. Change the time by 1 hour and send the mount to Park3. You will see that the mount will now park 15 degrees in one direction or other.
5) the fact that you changed the time by 1 hour will not impact the mount's ability to go back exactly to the same star or object that you previously centered and recaled on. As long as you don't loosen the clutches and physically move the axes.

Do the above sequence, and it should provide you with the knowledge about how mounts work and what function time has. Basically once you point the scope to an object and do a recal (or sync), then your mount's time, daylight savings, time zone will determine where the meridian line is and thus where Park3 is.

Park3 is wholly governed by where the meridian line is and that is a function of time. The meridian line is prominently displayed on the ASCOM driver at the top with the heading LST (Local Sidereal Time). Your local sidereal time is calculated from your time entries and should correspond to Universal Time minus your time zone. So it is easy for you to check to see that it is correct. If not, you can make the proper time and time zone setting changes that will tell the mount the correct information in order to always park itself accurately.


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Thanks Don. I have Luminous so I could try that. But... even if I just use the AP V2 driver, unpark the Mount and slew it to any direction and then ask it to park again, it will miss the park position. Any movement will confuse it now 9 times out of 10. 

- Mikko

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