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Woody Schlom



  1. The glow tape I use is made for the live theater industry.  It glows in the dark so actors can find their marks during blacked out set changes – and so they don’t bang into things in the dark.  It’s UV sensitive, so a short blast of UV light (I use a powerful Fenix L.E.D. UV flashlight) wakes it up and “recharges” it.  It glows a lime-greenish color.
  2. I posted photos of the 12” riser I made for the top of my PierTech pier (similar to yours but single column) and sent them to this group as well as directly to your MallinCamUSA Email address – but I don’t think either ever were delivered.  I made my riser out of big 80/20 aluminum extrusions – through bolted with long SS bolts.




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I will get a roll of the Safety Tape.  I remember seeing it demonstrated in an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon was demonstrating the safety procedures in his and Leonard's apartment.  Now that I know what to look for, I will get some.

As far as the dual lifting column, I built it originally after seeing one my friend had erected in his observatory.  He had a single column with 1000 Newton (225#) thrust.  And he had it installed with the long dimension in the North-South direction.  When he had the column at maximum height with his CGE PRO and Meade 14" SCT on top, it did tend to have some flex in the East-West direction.  I decided to purchase two of the 1000 Newton columns, mount them parallel to each other with the long dimenseion in the East-West axis, and I started with a CGE PRO on top of the lifting columns.  The 450# thrust capacity was fine initially.  But the mount got replaced for the AP1600, I changed scopes from a single C11 to a MallinCam VRC-10 riding parallel to a Lunt 152.  And ocassionally I added an additional scope on top of the Lunt.  With my total load approaching 550#, I still was successful at using the dual 1000 Newton columns, but I ended up ordering a set of 2500 Newton lifting columns and installed them at the end of 2019.  With over 1100# of thrust available, I now have a nice safety factor and have had no issues with them.

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