Re: How to Raise AP1600 Height

Joe Zeglinski

Had to ask ...
    How does GLOW Tape work in the dark, around the scope which has been imaging?
Do you recharge the strip with a flashlight, every so often, such as between exposures?
    Otherwise, maybe a battery operated (or wired to a USB port on the mount),  flashing LED taped to the “counterweight bar safety stop”. Same idea as the red lights atop tall buildings/towers near airports.
    Since this has been an astronomer’s hazard for many decades, maybe AP could design a new Safety Stop, with a built-in or affixed (coin) battery holder and a flashing,  LED-lighted fibre optic (annular) ring around its edge. One could probably rig this up to an existing safety stop without much difficulty, using PC cabinet,  glow-fibre optics kits from any gaming PC store.
    Then we wouldn’t need to keep recharging the Glow Tape.
Just a thought,
Joe Z.

From: John A. Sillasen
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2020 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] How to Raise AP1600 Height
Glow tape is a great idea in addition to your wanting to raise everything with a pier extension.  I use both on my Mach 1, although I never considered putting the tape on the CounterWeights.  Definitely going to do that now that it's been brought up here.

I put the glow tape and it does have a tiny green tinge to a beige/white appearance in the light.  I put it on my Eagle Pier legs with the extra extension. I also have a Musicians Friend practice stool. Its solid black steel with a movable seat in slots in the steel. Very easy to miss in the dark. I went to sit back down on it after being just too close to the CounterWeights and shaft at Cherry Springs State Park last year. Missed the chair completely and ended up on my butt!  It was past midnight and the skies were starting to go right after that so I decided to pack it in as I knew I was going to be sore in the morning!

Definitely going to put that tape on each CounterWeight!  Thanks for the tip!
My ATS Portable Pier for my 1100 is all white so the tape won't be as obvious but still going to do it - definitely on the CounterWeights as well.
John A. Sillasen

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