Re: How to Raise AP1600 Height

Roland Christen

I think you can safely put the heaviest weights at the bottom of the shaft and eliminate the lighter weight and the shaft extension. You don't have to go overboard trying to get the lowest possible inertia. It won't make that much difference really.


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I was going to get some of those foam, colored swimming pool noogles to place around the shaft.  I am also going to re-order the weights on the shaft to see if I can eliminate the shaft extension.  I have the 30# weights closest to the RA Axis with the 24# and 10# below them.  The shaft extension joint is under the 10# weight and I need to remove this weight to be able to put the safety know on the shaft.  With the weights re-ordered, I should be able to eliminate the shaft extension - that is what I normally bump into.

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