APCC Pro issue with the "Move Scope" speeds

Duncan Hanford

I just updated APCC Pro to version and now when I go to the "Move Scope" box the slowest speed offered is 12x sidereal. If I use the APv2 driver I can still get to 1 x,  0.5 x, and 0.25 x sidereal. This was always available in the "Move Scope" box before. What could I have set incorrectly? In case it matters I am using APCC Pro with a 1600 GTO with the CP 4 box. By the way I just bought the CP 4. I had also tried this version of APCC Pro with my old CP 3 and it had the same problem. I expected when I connected the CP 4 the problem would go away but it did not.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas,

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