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Dale Ghent

A lot more people go up and down stairs, multiple times, on a daily basis than get exposed to this virus.

You should really take a remedial stats and analysis class if you think Number A being bigger than Number B is the sole variable. I actually audibly guffawed that you appear to think this way.

To boot, a lot of the hysteria you think is out there is actually people following CDC guidelines. Yes, buying 3 months' worth of TP is hysteric. But staying home, isolating yourself, and reducing contact and interactions with other people are things that the CDC is ordering. That is not hysteria. These things can lead to hystics if underlying support systems fail, and this is where local and federal government should step in, with private industry, to ameliorate. Food distribution, medicine shortages, ensuring supply chains stay intact. Stuff like that.

Get real.

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Just for you Dale.
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I don’t agree with you seem a bit hotheaded to me. Most physicians and Pathologists I have spoken with agree with me that the Media has overreacted, fanned the flames and has millions of people in panic mode and unnecessarily so.

Please follow the latest CDC guidelines but do not panic or let anxiety over the Coronavirus get you down.


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Jim, I have a habit of calling out bullshit when I see it. I'm not at all sorry that you don't take kindly to that, and I'm willing to bet that your more learned colleagues would agree. Comparing deaths to walking down stairs is flippant and unnecessary.

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Quite right. FDR

I do not have a casually dismissive attitude. I wish you would speak for yourself and NOT for me. Can you handle that request?

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From: <> on behalf of Dale Ghent <>
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The Kirkland, WA nursing home serves as a very convenient statistic here. 120 residents and 180 employees. As of March 15, 27 deaths at the home have been attributed to sars-cov-19 in the time period since Feb. 19, less than one month ago. [1]

If you saw numbers like that with the standard flu, the place would have been closed down immediately and a lot of questions would be asked. This very contained sample is an incredibly stark example of the dangers this virus poses to the elderly and infirm. Despite your credentials, your reasoning is not infallible and your casually dismissive attitude is counter to the very soberly-conveyed messages from many experienced doctors and scientists, including the messages from the director of NIAID.


On Mar 16, 2020, at 1:15 PM, thefamily90 Phillips <> wrote:

Dale Gent.
You know nothing about being a Pathologist so stop telling me what I should know.

I know this. I know that we are aware of how many people have died from the virus but we are not aware of the number of people who have been infected. So, if you say the death rate is 2% because two people have died and you know that 98 others have tested positive for the virus you might think you know what you’re talking about. My belief is that it is incurrent to think that only the 98 others who tested are positive but more like 998 others are positive and therefore the death rate is much less. We don’t know because we don’t have enough tests available to see what the infectious rate really is.

I’m just trying to do my part to stop the hysteria. There’s nothing wrong with taking normal hygienic precautions as you would against any type influenza.
Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hong Kong Flu and on and on. All have come and gone and this too shall pass.

Mark 90 days on your calendar and I’ll be happy to discuss this with you again.

Remember Churchill’s words:
“The only thing to fear is
FEAR itself”

As long as no one attacks me directly again I will not comment further.

Jim Phillips

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I want to revisit this sentiment in 90 days, assuming I'm still alive.

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I am a Pathologist and am board certified in Anatomic Pathology, Dermatopathology and Clinical Pathology which includes microbiology and virology. My opinion is not cavalier. My opinion is that the risk is being far overblown by the media. When 60,000 people die in the US every year from influenza I am not impressed so far by the lethality of the Coronavirus. I could be wrong and taking precautions is wise but this is not the Bubonic Plague.

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This cavalier attitude is what will kill many people, and shows your astounding lack of understanding of epidemiology. Avoiding others is paramount right now.

On Mar 16, 2020, at 11:48 AM, thefamily90 Phillips <> wrote:

Yesterday more people died from falling down stairs than from Coronavirus

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Please be careful and don't touch anything. Carry hand sanitizer and stay away from people! You all riding the bus worries me. Take care and safe travels!


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We're flying back tomorrow. I don't anticipate any problems. Ohare is a breeze, get off the plane, head for the bus and we are on the way home. There are no lines coming out of Ohare, it's a straight shot to the Rockford bus.


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Thanks Marj Good advice.

Are you and Roland still in Hawaii ?

They were showing the immigration lines in Chicago this morning on the news. The wait is several hours long. Fortunately, when you come home you will not have to go through immigration, but the airport will likely be a circus. On the upside, I expect that after the initial rush of people trying to get into the country from the EU, things will slow down a lot. Your biggest risk will be that they cancel your flight due to lack of travelers. I suppose if you are going to get stuck somewhere I can't think of a better place than Hale Lalani Hoku.

I count myself very lucky. I was scheduled to fly home from Germany on Saturday, but decided on Wednesday to fly home a day early. Luckily I did this a few hours before they announced the travel ban, and I got home OK with surprisingly little problems. I am currently in self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

Daleen is planning to ship my upgraded 180 EDT on Monday. If the weather cooperates I hope to spend some time outside with my scope during my quarantine.

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