Re: Mach2 and APCC last night

Terri Zittritsch

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 02:44 PM, Wayne Hixson wrote:
Terri, I meant to ask if you use the refractive correction feature in PoleMaster?



Hi Wayne, yes, I usually have it on.   It might be interesting to do a test to see how much difference it makes.    In other words, do the polar alignment with the correction turned on, and then try it again with correction turned off.

After seeing that my alignment was so poor, I did a little reading on what the resolution is, and it's quite gross, so being a pixel off is big, maybe 30 arc seconds/pixel.    The other thing I notice is that looking at the alignment of the green box and red circle in precise align window, looks different than zooming in on the alignment marks on the main screen.    So this might be a source of error.  I've started using the cursor zoom feature and not looking at the precise align window and, at least anecdotally, this is getting me better alignment.


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