Re: Mach2 and APCC last night

Terri Zittritsch

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 11:07 AM, Wayne Hixson wrote:
Excellent report Terri. We had a pretty clear night, but it was fairly breezy, still got better than 0.6" over 4 hours and a low target. I also use APCC meridian limits but in my case it's to cause a flip early. My "postage stamp" observatory on my eastern back deck is partially under my eaves of my house and the mount tracks under the eaves before the meridian. If I flip an hour or so before the meridian i can track over the eaves and get 3 extra hours. I use Voyager software to run everything and it handles centering, guider calibration and control, and focusing so I can sleep a bit - although I do get up just to check every once in a while! Really love the mount so far.
Hi Wayne, I had one of those two nights before, in fact very breezy.   So breezy it blew my computer shelter/crate right off the table while I was holding my laptop adjusting guide camera focus.    I didn't notice the mount with scope being too effected by the breeze (stowaway),  skies that night were not great and most of my shots have haze/halos around the bright stars, so probably going to toss them if the halos don't get rejected in processing.     Given how few clear nights we have i just hate to throw frames away!      That's pretty good to keep .6 arc seconds over 4 hours.   I was almost there on my second target last night but a moonrise stopped my progress as well as a need to get up for work today, even though we're working from home I still do a lot of video conferences and need to at least appear non-catatonic.  

My meridian flipping is the same as yours, an early flip so I don't get a flip during imaging (it doesn't matter all that much since I plate solve and pixinsight handles alignment and processing just fine), but it saves precious imaging time.   One of my targets flipped less than an hour early but the real test was my second target which flipped more than 2 hours early... no issues whatsoever.    So basically stayed the same orientation, weight on the west side the entire session, scope on the east side of the pier.     The object didn't pass the meridian until a little before 2am after starting at 11pm.


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