Re: APCC V1.8.0.4 Upgrade

Ray Gralak


You might have moved APCC to a different folder as the installer will overwrite the old version.

First, uninstall all instances of APCC from add/remove folders.

Then download the free "Everything" search tool from voidtools at this link: . It will quickly find any file(s) on your computer that match a file or pattern you enter. BTW, do not rely on Windows Search to do the same thing as it is buggy on Windows 10.

Type "AstroPhysicsCommandCenter.exe" in Everything's search bar to find all instances of that file and delete the contents of those folders.

Then reinstall APCC Standard V1.8.0.4.

-Ray Gralak
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I just went to the observatory and started the computer. In checking the installed apps, only APCC V1.8.0.4 is
installed. However, there were two shortcuts listed for APCC. One called up V1.8.0.4 and the other called up
V1.6.0.4. So obviously BOTH versions are installed although only the latest is listed. I deleted the shortcut for
V1.6.0 4; however, I would like to clean up the HDD. How would I go about removing the remnants of V1.6.0.4?

Jack Huerkamp

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