Re: Mach2 and APCC last night

Dean Jacobsen

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 07:14 AM, Terri Zittritsch wrote:
The mount was a pure pleasure.  I was able to achieve .5 arc second tracking at 35 degrees above the southern horizon, over my house, and was able to keep it sub .8s at around 23 degrees above the horizon, about as low as I can go and don't typically get to image this low.
Good to hear that things are going good.

I expect that as you fine tune the parameters of the guiding software and you move to targets higher in the sky you will see substantially better guiding results.  My relatively low tech 900GTOCP3 consistently guides better than than 0.5" RMS in each axis over 4 or 5 hour runs as reported in the PHD2 logs.  0.5" RMS is a "bad" seeing night or I am low in the southern sky.  Other nights are much better. Some of my recent logs show <0.35" RMS for each axis over 4+ hour runs [interrupted for meridian flips].

The ability to get tighter guiding and faster settling times after dithers [required with my camera] is the reason I sprung for a new mount.
Dean Jacobsen 
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