Mach2 and APCC last night

Terri Zittritsch

Finally a clear dark sky (not a hazy moon filled sky with clear spots) and I was able to use the mach2 from 8pm until around 2:30am (just before mooonrise).    The mount was a pure pleasure.  I was able to achieve .5 arc second guiding at 35 degrees above the southern horizon, over my house, and was able to keep it sub .8s at around 23 degrees above the horizon, about as low as I can go and don't typically get to image this low.      Later in the evening, or rather early in the morning, I went back to a higher target nearer the zenith and went to a sub .5 guiding.    I don't think I lost any frames all night due to guiding.    

The other thing I enjoyed was using APCC as the control center to make use of the meridian limits, which I created earlier with the interactive APCC meridian limits editor.   The process of creating the limits was easier than my interpretation from the manual.    The mount started both of my targets with weight-up, without any added thinking or setup on my part once the meridian limits were in place.   For me it's the east limits that I can make most use of to avoid an meridian flip.   More a time saver than anything else since it avoids an extra plate solve, focusing.   

Thought I'd provide a positive update since I originally said the results weren't as expected.

Also, on polar aligning, don't know what happened on my original testing, utilizing polemaster for polar alignment.  On subsequent nights I've used polemaster I've gotten pretty good results of an arc minute or better accuracy to the pole. 


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