Re: APCC V1.8.0.4 Upgrade

Jack Huerkamp


I started APCC from the icon on my start menu and saw that an update was available.  I downloaded the update, shut down APCC and installed the update.  I then clicked on the APCC icon on the start menu and it indicated that the latest version was installed.  I used the latest version to control the mount.  I shut down the computer and closed up the observatory.  Later last night, I went back out, started the computer and clicked on the APCC icon in the start menu.  V1.6... started.  I repeated the steps to upgrade the program, started APCC and V1.8... started.  I used it to control the mount.  Before retiring for the night, I shut down APCC, restarted it and V1.6... had returned. 

Is it possible that the icon on the start menu is linked to V1.6 even though V1.8 is installed?  I would have assumed that upgrading V1.6 to V1.8 would link the start menu icon to V1.8.

I will go out and search the installed programs to see if both versions of APCC are installed.

Yours truly,

Jack Huerkamp

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