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Ray Gralak

Hi Jack,

Brian's advice is correct. Please check add/remove programs in Windows to make sure that you don't have APCC installed twice.

Also, APCC's check for updates just provides a link to download the installer. After you download V1.8.0.4 you will need to shutdown APCC and run the installer. If you didn't do that all you did was download V1.8.0.4 but V1.6.0.4 was still installed!

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-Ray Gralak
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Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2020 7:00 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] APCC V1.8.0.4 Upgrade

I have APCC Standard V1.6.0.4 installed on my computer and today I updated to V1.8.0.4. I ran the mount, looked
at the Sun, shut down everything and tonight I went back to my observatory. When I started APCC it said a new
version was available (V1.8.0.4) and when I checked the version I had on my computer, it was back to V1.6.0.4.
Somehow the newly installed version got erased. So I reinstalled V1.8.0.4, connected the mount to SkyTools, had
the program guide me to several targets and then I shut everything down. Before closing up I restarted APCC -
again it was at V1.6.0.4.

How do I get the current version to not get removed after shutting down the program? This is getting annoying!

Jack Huerkamp

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