Re: APCC V1.8.0.4 Upgrade


Jack is it possible you have both versions installed and you just launch the older version?

maybe check the control panel/installed programs

On Sun, Mar 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM Jack Huerkamp <Mallincamusa@...> wrote:
I have APCC Standard V1.6.0.4 installed on my computer and today I updated to V1.8.0.4.  I ran the mount, looked at the Sun, shut down everything and tonight I went back to my observatory.  When I started APCC it said a new version was available (V1.8.0.4) and when I checked the version I had on my computer, it was back to V1.6.0.4.  Somehow the newly installed version got erased.  So I reinstalled V1.8.0.4, connected the mount to SkyTools, had the program guide me to several targets and then I shut everything down.  Before closing up I restarted APCC - again it was at V1.6.0.4.

How do I get the current version to not get removed after shutting down the program?  This is getting annoying!

Jack Huerkamp


Brian Valente

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