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We leave on Monday and fly direct to Chicago from Maui. So far, the flight is on schedule and there are empty seats all around us. I wish we could stay longer, but Roland has scopes and mounts to produce along with our staff. We arrive at Ohare at 5am when the terminals will be empty.


You were wise to leave Europe early. I have seen the news reports about delays and confusion at airports.


Enjoy your time with your 180!


Clear Skies,


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Thanks Marj Good advice.

Are you and Roland still in Hawaii ?

They were showing the immigration lines in Chicago this morning on the news. The wait is several hours long. Fortunately, when you come home you will not have to go through immigration, but the airport will likely be a circus. On the upside, I expect that after the initial rush of people trying to get into the country from the EU, things will slow down a lot. Your biggest risk will be that they cancel your flight due to lack of travelers. I suppose if you are going to get stuck somewhere I can't think of a better place than Hale Lalani Hoku.

I count myself very lucky. I was scheduled to fly home from Germany on Saturday, but decided on Wednesday to fly home a day early. Luckily I did this a few hours before they announced the travel ban, and I got home OK with surprisingly little problems. I am currently in self-quarantine for 2 weeks.
Daleen is planning to ship my upgraded 180 EDT on Monday. If the weather cooperates I hope to spend some time outside with my scope during my quarantine.

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