Re: Black Bar Across Image (ML16200)

Dale Ghent

You can also try it in NINA’s native FLI driver. I have it so that if the driver has issues grabbing a row and the FLI SDK throws an error, that will be logged. If no error is thrown when the affected row is fetched then the issue is in the data and the FLI SDK is not aware of whatever the deeper problem is. 

On Mar 15, 2020, at 12:06, Tony Benjamin <tonybenjamin@...> wrote:

Hi Ben,

No, the area remains exactly the same. I've used Voyager/SGP and also tried it in FLI Grab. The bar shows up in all of them. Heres a quick video -

Good point on the mode change because I was doing 2 min exposures with a focus run every 30 min...which works out fairly close to this bar occuring around each focus run...which changes from 2MHz to 12MHz.

I did try a different cable as well as connecting direct to the computer, as opposed to going through a hub. Didn't help.

I looked at Harmuts driver properties and I don't have any pre-flush settings set...maybe I need to change those?


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