Re: Black Bar Across Image (ML16200)

Ben Koltenbah


Does the location or size of this bar change each time?  What acquisition software are you using?

Is there a change of download mode occurring in your sequence before each of these frames such as for auto focus or some other periodic step?  I ask because one thing that could cause this is mode change and the buffer is not cleared before the next frame.  You end up with a mix of data from different modes.  You can see this happen with FLIGrab.  In fact, I suggest you take some frames with FLIGrab to see if the problem occurs there as well.  I can't recall now whether or not Hartmut's driver has some step to mitigate this.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to check with a different USB cable and if possible another computer just to eliminate these as sources of the problem.


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