Re: Ascom driver will not connect to mount

Roland Christen

Whenever I get that message I open Device Manager and click on Ports. Invariably Windows has used the port that I normally connect to, Com3, for something else. Below that port it will show another port (sometimes Com 13 or 14) which is free. So, I simply set APCC to one of those and it connects. Next session Windows does something else and uses that port so it is not available for APCC. Device Manager always gives you at least one port that is free, and it can be random from one session to the next depending on how you used your computer. If you want to avoid this merry-go-round with Windows 10, then use a dedicated computer for imaging that is never connected to the internet.

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Subject: [ap-gto] Ascom driver will not connect to mount

The Ascom driver stopped connecting to my Mach1/ CTO4. I had to switch computers, but do not think that is the problem. I also installed the latest versions of APCC and Ascom. I am using an Ethernet cable, but tried USB and it also does In APCC the mount shows the IP address and connects, but ASCOM does not. In checking ports in ASCOM it says "mount not found". Please help! Thanks.

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