Re: new 1200 questons

Bobby Middleton <bobm@...>

Using an extension is no problem, the power line for the a/p mounts are
mearly carrying DC voltage, simply go to a hardware store and get a 'DC'
cable extension ie: cigrette lighter feamle in to cigereet lighter male
this will permit any usable length you want..I have run 50 foot lenghts in
the past.

- Charles

Thanks Charles and thanks for the other responses. That's "sort of"
what I had in mind but I will really need a male and female of the other
end in order to be able to thread it through my 3/4" pvc conduits. The
lighter plug-in will be too big to pull through the pipe. I would hope that
radio shack
will have something close to what I need........I will check as I get time.

I did get time to work on rough polar alignment tonight and set up my
location cooridinates and local time. The mount is beautiful.......a real
work of

Bobby Middleton

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