Re: GTO CP3 connection problem via COM port in Windows 10

Ray Gralak


Did you try my instructions?

This is a not a problem with the mount or AP software. This has to do with the COM port connection to the mount. Are you using a USB/serial converter?

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Hi Ray and Peter,

Voyager must run in administrator mode.

The person on the Voyager forum is me. Leo has fixed most of the problem for me. As it turns out, most of the
problem was due to the upgrade process from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I have since done a clean install of
Windows 10, and after Leo tweaked the settings everything is working 99% of the time now.

The only exception is the problem I described above i.e. the driver will not connect to the mount on the first attempt
after a reboot, but will connect subsequently without changing any settings between the 1st and 2nd attempts.
Therefore I know it has nothin to do with COM port selection. It is almost as if it needs one attempt to wake up
something (hardware or software I am not sure).

The problem does not appear limited to Voyager as it will also happen with APJog (which I set to administrator
mode) as well, therefore I think it is a problem with hardware-driver interaction and I have elected to post here
rather than on the Voyager forum.



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