Re: GTO CP3 connection problem via COM port in Windows 10

Peter Nagy

There are good number of people I know of uses Voyager running as admin with A-P mounts and A-P V2 ASCOM driver without issues like myself. Developer of Voyager said that Voyager must run as admin.

I suggest Henry create a new thread at Voyager forum. There was a similar issue reported at Voyager forum and this is one example and hopefully this will fix it for you:

Scroll down to about 9/13 as shown at right side. Here is one of the snippet:

"A Teamviewer session with Leo has fixed all the problems! I am very grateful. For posterity, the problem with the web server is to do with the port. For some reason on my PC the port I need to use is 8081, not the default 80. Leo figured out the problem so its all working fine now!"

Read the whole thread.


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