Re: Keypad Upgrade for Using Mach2

Robert Berta

Terri Zittritsch You can run Sky Safari on Windows 10 platform.....I do. You have to first install a free program called XePlayer which creates an Android partition on your computer. After that you can run any Android app from your Windows platform. You need to install the PlayStore and any of your favorite Android aps also including an Android file reader so you can see the files you save, etc. The files you install are in the Android partition so can't be seen or read with a regular Windows file reader. I have Sky Safari Pro latest version and I connect to my AP 900 and AP 1100 mounts for control of the telescope mounts from SS. I also use it with a Celestron fork mount and an Ioptron MiniTower Pro for field use and public outreach. I have both a CP3 for the 900 and CP4 for the 1100.  Astro Physics still hasn't quite figured out the wireless on the CP4 (it suffers from drop outs) but with a SkyFi I can wirelessly control the mounts from my Windows 10 computer as well as a Samsung tablet and Samsung cell phone.  The latest SkyFi units are very robust and can be used a long way from the mount. The only thing missing on Sky Safari is that you can only park and unpark from Park 4....Sky Safari knows about that and plans to offer more park positions in the future. Not a big deal though.....I initialize with the hand control and than connect with Sky Safari.  I park in position 3 and restore from that due to the setup in my observing setup so don't use park 4.

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